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Inland Wetlands

To protect the public health, safety and general welfare of the community by providing administrative and professional technical services to the Inland Wetlands Commission and Citation Officer. The Inland Wetlands Commission enforces all provisions of the Inland Wetland and Watercourses Act pursuant to Sections 22a-35 to 22a-45, inclusive, of the Connecticut General Statutes as amended.

Primary Programs and Services

  • Professional Administrative and Technical Services – Serving the Inland Wetlands Commission and related enforcement activities under the Inland Wetlands Citation Hearing Officer. Provides reports/recommendation to the planning and Zoning Commission for all subdivision and resubdivisions, issues approval/permits for regulated activities or denials for regulated activities, resolves issues relative to violations, provides determination for uses termed “Use as of Right”, and hears appeals relative to decisions of the Wetlands Agent.
  • Public Assistance – Hands-on support services to Town residents and property owners, developers and institutional/civic organizations.
  • Application Review and Processing – Record files organization, management and maintenance, inland wetlands application review and processing, and enforcement/permitting inspections, compliance assessments, reports and legal coordination with Town Attorney.
  • Regulations – Review and preparation of draft amendments to Inland Wetlands Regulations and its By-Laws
  • Agency Coordination – Public and intra-agency government assistance and referral consideration

Anyone considering undertaking a regulated activity (clearing, grubbing, grading, filling, excavating, paving, constructing or placing structures, general development disturbance, obstructing, modifying, polluting, or generally changing and/or impacting the natural character of land designated as wetlands and/or land within 100 feet of designated wetlands and/or land within 150 feet of designated major watercourses or recognized bodies of water), should contact the Inland Wetlands Office for information and requirements pertaining to the above listed activities.

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Contact Information

Planning & Zoning Administrator


Office Manager
Kristi Reilly
Phone: (203) 452-2812

Wetlands/Zoning Enforcement Officer
Cheryl Vallerie
Phone: (203) 452-2809