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Elected Officials

First Selectman Terrence P. Rooney
Monroe Town Hall
7 Fan Hill Road ; Monroe, CT 06468
Phone: (203) 452-2821
Fax: (203) 452-5475

State Representative, Tony Scott (Website)
House Republican Office
L.O.B. Room 4200
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: (800) 842-1423

Senator Marilyn Moore (D-22) (Website)
Representing Bridgeport, Trumbull, and Monroe
Senate Democrat Office
LOB Room 2000
Hartford, CT 06106-1591
Phone: (860) 240-0498 or
(800) 842-1420

Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21) (Website)
Senate Republican Office
LOB Room 3400
Hartford CT, 06106
Phone: (800) 842-1421 or
(860) 240-8800

T.R. Rowe, Judge of Probate
Trumbull Town Hall

Town Clerk, Vida Stone
Monroe Town Hall
7 Fan Hill Road; Monroe CT 06468
Phone: (203) 452-2811
Fax: (203) 452-2253

Tax Collector, Deborah Heim
Monroe Town Hall
7 Fan Hill Road; Monroe CT 06468
Phone: (203) 452-2804
Fax: (203) 452-2253

Town Treasurer, Frank Dutches
Monroe Town Hall
7 Fan Hill Road, Monroe, CT 06468
Phone: (203) 452-5400
Fax: (203) 452-2253

Registrar of Voters
R - Debra Dutches - Email
D - Katherine Briggs - Email

Victor Yanosy
Patricia A. Tomchik

Planning & Zoning Commissions

Due to legal restrictions regarding ex parte communications and information submitted outside the public meeting process, members of the Planning & Zoning Commission should not be contacted outside of the hearing/meeting venue. Should a party wish to contact the Planning & Zoning Commission contact should be directed through staff members of the respective offices in the Town Hall.