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Highway Modifications

Highway Modification Permits

A Highway Modification Permit is required any time a private entity is working within the Town of Monroe Right-of-Way (refer to the Town Codes, Chapter 260 for the definition of Right-of-Way).  The only exception to this is the issuance of a Driveway Permit, which is required for the installation of paved driveway aprons (see details below under "Driveway Permits"). 

The following items must be provided in order to establish an active account with the Public Works Department.  Said account must be verified as up to date, prior to consideration of the issuance of permits:

  • Post an annual bond in the amount of $5,000
  • Provide a certificate of insurance prior to working in the Town of Monroe

After a bond and current certificate of insurance is provided, a Highway Excavation Permit application must be submitted to the Public Works Department. The following must also be addressed/provided before the permit can be approved (refer to the actual code for specific fees and other information):

  • Call Before You Dig ticket number.
  • A permit fee which covers the cost of providing a permanent patch or restoration by the Town, after a six month period of maintenance by the applicant.  
  • An additional permit fee payable to the Police Department.
  • Application Form 

Please refer to the specific Highway Modification and Driveway Construction Codes for more details and application fee requirements.

Highway Modification Code

Driveway Permits

Driveway Permits are required for all work on private driveways located within the Town Right-of-Way (refer to the Town Codes, Chapter 260 for the definition of Right-of-Way). 

The issuance of Driveway Permits falls under the Highway Modification Code, but includes a separate fee and cash deposit process.

A cash deposit of $500.00 is required for an initial permit.  Once the work is completed, the cash deposit is returned.  However, in the event that the work is not done at the time of issuance of an associated Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.), an additional $1,000.00 is required in lieu of completing work prior to the C.O. issuance.  In this case, the full $1,500.00 is returned upon completion of work.

Please refer to the specific Driveway Construction and Highway Modification Codes for more details and application fee requirements. 

Driveway Code