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Maintenance Plan for Roads

Preservation Objective

The Town follows industry best practices in the effort to maintain its scenic roads in good and sufficient repair and in passable condition. Routine maintenance and the regulation of future alterations and improvements of designated highways shall be carried out so as to preserve to the highest degree possible the scenic characteristics of the highway which are indicated in the records of the Planning and Zoning Commission as the basis for its designation as a scenic road.

Routine Road Maintenance

Many of the Town’s gravel roads are used heavily by passenger and commercial vehicles resulting in road conditions that can change rapidly.   The Monroe Highway Department keeps a diligent eye on current road conditions, seasonal weather changes, and citizen service requests that come into the Department of Public Works.

Permissible maintenance activities shall include removal of dead and seriously diseased or damaged trees and branches of trees; trimming of the tree branches that encroach on the traveled portion of the highway below the height needed to allow school buses and emergency vehicles to pass; trimming or removal of brush and removal of boulders or other obstacles that encroach on the traveled portion of the road; necessary trimming for utility lines; trimming of brush to enhance and protect scenic views, stone walls, mature trees and other characteristics of the scenic road set forth in the decision designating it a scenic road; correction of drainage problems; and graveling, retreatment, and repair of existing roadway surfaces.

Routine road maintenance does not require approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission, except that the First Selectman be notified of scheduled maintenance activities to a scenic road at least one week before it is to commence.

Scheduled Maintenance Activities:As-needed Maintenance Activities
Dust controlPothole repairs
Tree cutting and pruningWheel rutting
Removal of obstacles/encroachmentsAnimal control issues
Cleaning drainage featuresFlooding issues
Correction of drainage problemsSnow plowing
Collection of illegal dumpingNatural disasters

Normal Operating Procedure

In an effort to keep the Town’s gravel roads in the best possible condition without excessive impact to the environment, maintenance activities on gravel roads are kept to a bare minimum.   Scheduled and non-scheduled activities are initiated on a priority basis once a deficiency has been identified.   In this fashion, the Town is able to keep the gravel roads in good and sufficient repair at all times without excessive roadwork.

Natural Disasters

  In the case of a natural disaster in which a road becomes impassable or unsafe for public travel and access must be provided, emergency repairs may be made as needed to restore the highway or portion of highway to its pre-emergency condition.

Controlling Legal Requirements